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With over 20 years of experience, LS Direct has always been at the forefront of direct marketing technology, providing easy-to-use solutions that are designed to maximize our clients’ success. 


Serving both direct-to-consumer and brick-and-mortar clients in a broad range of industries, including home furnishings, retail, and travel, our data-driven approach allows for informed decision making and smart use of budget dollars.

Realizing Incremental Holiday Sales

Who doesn’t love to receive a gift in the mail? Though gift-giving occurs all year, many brands look for ways to capture as large of a percentage of holiday gift budgets as possible. A well-respected company in the gift catalog industry had already seen success with data-driven direct mail, but they wanted to maximize their revenue potential during the holiday season.

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Capturing Conversions of Browse Abandons

A leading direct-to-consumer sleep company experienced significant increase in their web traffic during 2020. They became concerned when they realized a large percentage of these browsers never converted. Their email retargeting brought positive results, but they knew it could be better.

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Postal Retargeting Boosts Conversions

With Boomerang direct®, LS Direct tailored a program for a national women’s apparel brand to reinvigorate their overall conversion rates, in both physical storefronts and online retail spaces.

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New Movers Make the Most Receptive New Buyers

With Movers direct™, LS Direct tailored a program for a prominent midwestern furniture retail company to capture a new pool of customers while continuing to retain traffic from their existing base of clientele.

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Results Backed By Experience.

Our leadership team has over 130 years of combined experience in direct marketing. We have the knowledge and the resiliency to pivot with the times.
Over half of our team is in data analysis and programming supporting our cutting edge martech and data-driven results.
Our clients in the gift industry enjoyed an average incremental ROI of over 1,130% with our Boomerang direct program in 2019.
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Providing powerful analysis is essential in today’s market. Combining it with a firm understanding of retailing and hands-on service like ours is a winning combination that delivers a single, streamlined experience for all your multichannel needs.

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